How I work

My private practice is based in my home and I offer counselling appointments to both couples and individuals and provide day time and evening appointments.

When you get in touch with me, either by email or by phone, I will offer you a choice of either a weekday day time or evening appointment for our first session and try to arrange a time that will suit your commitments. The first appointment is called an Assessment Appointment and is a chance for you to discuss your issues with me in a calm, quiet, environment and to see if you feel comfortable with me. My aim is to help you feel relaxed and to give you time to talk and, most important, get a sense of your concerns so that I may offer suggestions about the best approach for you. During this session, if you would like to undertake counselling with me, we will look at the best way to proceed.

Counselling works best if clients can come for a counselling session each week, normally at the same time.  However if that is not possible we could discuss what alternative arrangements would be suitable. The sessions last for 50 minutes and my appointment fees depend on whether I am working with couples or individual clients.

Fees per appointment:

£65 individuals, £80 couples.

I accept cash and can arrange internet payments, if paid in advance.