Making a decision to seek counselling is a big step but I hope that my website will encourage you to do just that.  Counselling can offer real help when you are worn down with worry or feel unable to cope – whether you are struggling as a couple or you are an individual needing support.  Just speaking to someone who will listen, understand and encourage you to explore your problems can make a big difference and help you make sense of why your issues have been so difficult to manage. Counselling can help you gain insights, learn how to cope more effectively and build up your self-belief.

My aim, as a counsellor/psychotherapist, is to offer you hope; hope that, through our counselling sessions I will help you to be able to think more clearly, feel more positive, and to overcome the issues that have caused you distress.

I provide both couple therapy and individual counselling or psychotherapy and offer brief, time limited support, or open ended psychotherapy, when the issues are more complex.

Do explore my web site and feel free to contact me for an initial appointment, either by email or by phone.  If you contact me by phone and I am unable to answer, please leave a message and I will call you back, usually within 24 hours.  All calls will be confidential and I will check so see if it is a convenient time to talk to you.